Wednesday 19 November 2014

Monitor MySQL performance with innotop

Innotop is an excellent command line program, similar to ‘top command‘ to monitor local and remote MySQL servers running under InnoDB engine.

yum install innotop

innotop -u root -p 'mysqlpassword'

Innotop Help
Press “?” to get the summary of command line options and usage.

Switch to a different mode:
   A  Dashboard         I  InnoDB I/O Info     Q  Query List
   B  InnoDB Buffers    K  InnoDB Lock Waits   R  InnoDB Row Ops
   C  Command Summary   L  Locks               S  Variables & Status
   D  InnoDB Deadlocks  M  Replication Status  T  InnoDB Txns
   F  InnoDB FK Err     O  Open Tables         U  User Statistics

   d  Change refresh interval        p  Pause innotop
   k  Kill a query's connection      q  Quit innotop
   n  Switch to the next connection  x  Kill a query

 TAB  Switch to the next server group   /  Quickly filter what you see
   !  Show license and warranty         =  Toggle aggregation
   #  Select/create server groups       @  Select/create server connections
   $  Edit configuration settings       \  Clear quick-filters
Press any key to continue


innotop -u root -p 'mysqlpassword' --count 5 -d 1 -n

Monitor Remote Database

innotop -u username -p password -h hostname

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