Saturday 26 February 2022

Git:- Creating Tags

Git uses two main types of tags: lightweight and annotated.

Annotated Tags:

$ git tag -a v2.1.0 -m "message"

Lightweight Tags:

$ git tag v2.1.0

git log --oneline

#use SHA-1 while creating a tag, for example

git tag -a v1.1 e436353

git show v1.1

git push --tags

#verify created tags


Add/change some file then commit and create a new tag v1.2 by repeating the above steps

Tags and branches are completely unrelated

tag create a bundle of .zip and tar.gz of branch

It won't be in sync with each branch in the remote.

#delete a tag

git tag --list

git tag -d v1.1

#delete a tag from remote

git push origin --delete v1.1

#copy tag as a branch

git checkout -b new_branch v1.2

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