Monday 8 July 2019

Well known GNU Packages

GNU was designed to be a replacement for Unix operating systems of the 1980s and used the POSIX standards as a guide. The following list is a small set of GNU packages.

Software Package            Description

autoconf                         Automatically configure source code packages
automake                       makes *.in files
bash                               shell
bc                                   interactive calculator
binutils                           binary files utilities
coreutils                         A combined package of Fileutils, Shellutils and Textutils

cpio                                copy to and from, a disc or file system
diff                                 compare files
ed                                   line oriented text editor
emacs                             extensible text editor
findutils                          find, locate and xargs utilities
finger                             find information about users

gawk                              awk programming
gcc                                 for C,C++, Objective-C and other
gdb                                debugger for C, C++ and FORTRAN
gdbm                              replacement for dbm and ndbm libraries
gettext                           writing multilingual programs
GIMP                              GNU image manipulation program

GNOME                           GUI
Gnumeric                        graphical spreadsheet
grep                                includes grep, egrep and fgrep
groff                               document formatting
gtk+                                GUI toolkit for X Window system
gzip                                compressing and decompressing utility

less                                 similar to more
libpng                             library for image files
make                              determine which pieces of a program need to be recompiled
patch                              generate the modified version
rcs                                  revision control system
sed                                 stream oriented version of ed text editor

tar                                  tape archiving program
textinfo                          for online info docs
time                               actual time that a process uses

All GNU packages

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